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The allergens and dust may still accumulate on Breathe Green Dust-mites the surface so wash bedding regularly and in hot water (60 degrees), dust mites may survive washings under 60C. Dust mites do not like dense structure material such as memory foam mattresses, however, there is no single proven way to get rid of dust mites so memory foam products should be considered as part of the solution only.

Dust mites thrive in areas where humidity is high so it is important to maintain the humidity level under 40% but above 25%. Air purifiers not only remove allergens such as pollen from the air, but they are also able to remove smoke, smells and bacteria. Keep in mind though that dust mites are not air borne for long time, therefore air purifiers alone will not make your bedroom allergy-proof, but it may be a very effective component of the overall battle plan. Sweeping with a regular vacuum may only redistribute allergens, you may avoid this by using a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Air conditioning has its pros and cons - it can be very helpful for people with outdoor and pollen allergies, but air conditioning also prevents natural air exchange.