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Empire of Ember is a first person fantasy action RPG set in the world of Ember. You play the role of a battlemage lord, combining weaponry with magic in order to defeat a threat told through a captivating story.

Rule your city

As the ruler of the city of Majas, you hold court each day, passing judgement on your peasants. How would you rule, as a tyrant or a benevolent leader? Your actions determine your karma, unlocking special units or and changes to how the campaign plays out.

Raise an army

Unlock and recruit an army to follow you into battlegrounds combat. Units synergize with each other, for example you can have a group of undead with a necromancer, or a wall of enchanted suits of armors with great shields to defend against arrow fire.

You can give orders to your army or individual units in your army, such as following the player, guarding a location, or attacking specific targets.

City building with online features

Raise high walls to defend against siege weapons. Build farms to feed an army. Build markets to grow your economy. Place spawn points to determine your defense.

Players with a creative bent can fully decorate their cities with objects such as barrels, banners, houses, and so on.

Eventually your city will come under attack. Walls, towers, and other buildings are fully destructible giving the feel of real siege combat.

You can even upload your city to a free server and download other player's creations.

Research and level up

Improve your character through 20 levels and over 25 abilities. You can customize your avatar to be more melee, ranged, or magic focused or any combination thereof.

Dynamic and designed content

Fight in fully designed predetermined campaign missions as well as procedurally generated dungeons and terrains.