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Weight loss is associated with increased energy expenditure and Fast Burn Extreme Review inhibiting nutrient absorption. Caffeine, being a stimulant, increases the metabolism which does increase energy expended. So is caffeine the only reason a tea might help you loose weight, or is there something more to it? Research has confirmed there is something else at work.

Now that you've made losing weight a priority, consult with your physician and pick an activity that you will enjoy. You can start out walking especially if you haven't worked out in a while. Walking is great and you can do it with your baby. My top pick is belly dancing even for beginners. Belly dancing is a fantastic and sensuous workout that will get you burning serious calories. You can either find a class which will allow you to get some "Me" in addition to your workout or you can follow along to a dvd at home.

Sleep when your baby sleeps. Has anyone told you that? You may be tempted to over look this piece of advice but let me tell you that the dishes and laundry will get done when they get done. When that baby of yours is lying down to rest, that is your cue to lie down and rest. Sleep is essential for your body to function both physically and mentally and is an integral part of your weight loss plan.