About Empire of Ember

Enter a world of steel, war, and magic to avenge the murder of your wizard master. Recruit and lead your army in hundred-unit clashes. Design, defend, and lay siege to fully destructible cities. Loot procedurally generated dungeons. Hold court and pronounce judgment on your subjects. The fate of an empire is in your hands.

Set in the world of Ember.

Combine weaponry and magic

  • Use the environment to crush, trip, impale, or explode enemies.

  • Raise up fallen enemies and command the undead to fight on your behalf.

Fully Destructible Cities

  • Fully destructible cities. Use catapults to fire from afar, or blast through the walls and lead your troops through the breach.


  • Lead your army in first person, in battles of up to a hundred units.

  • Tactics matter. Order your men to hold the line with a shield wall while archers rain death from above. Teleport behind enemy lines to wreak havok.

Avenge your master

  • Make decisions that can change the story and lead to different game endings. Features a story written by Patrick Kevin Day, a former lead writer from Telltale Games.

  • Hold court and pass judgement on daily events in the lives of your subjects.

Infinite generated levels

  • Procedural and predesigned outdoor battles.

  • Procedural multi-level dungeons.

Design your own city

  • Design, decorate, and defend your own fully destructible 3D city. Strategically place spawn points to rain fire from high towers while melee units defend the gates.


  • Integrated sharing. Download, destroy, and rate other players’ cities.