About Empire of Ember

Rule your empire as a battle-mage in this action RPG set in the world of Ember.

Combine weaponry and magic

  • Use the environment’s natural chokepoints to corral enemies together, freeze them with ice and deal massive amounts of damage with chain lightning.

  • Raise the corpses of the dead so former enemies now fight on your behalf.

Fully Destructible Cities

  • Recruit catapults to fire from afar, or breach walls with magic for your troops more directly.


  • Levy hordes of peasants for mass combat while you launch indiscriminate AOE attacks.

  • Personally lead in the front lines. Or let your men absorb damage, while you you teleport behind enemy lines for powerful backstabs.

Avenge your master

  • Decisions can gain or lose Karma, unlocking in-game units, dialogue and different game endings. Features a story written by Patrick Kevin Day, a former lead writer from Telltale Games.

  • Hold court for your citizens. What kind of ruler are you?

Infinite generated levels

  • Lead strategic outdoor battles.

  • Personally explore multi-level dungeons.

Design your own city

  • Fortify and decorate your walls, towers, gates, traps, and spawn points.


  • Test the defenses of other player’s cities. Then loot them.