Empire of Ember insights trailer #1

Fantasy siege battles insight trailer 1.1 (

Oathbound gaming interview

Free alpha signups, limited keys available

Free alpha signups on Steam

Store page now live

Empire of Ember on Steam

Entering early access soon

Why early access? Empire of Ember is a multi-faceted game, combining city building, siege combat, a strategic campaign map, unit-level army combat, procedural dungeons, first person combat, destructible environments, and…

Optimizing characters in Unity

In Empire of Ember I wanted the player to feel what it would be like to experience a massive seige battle, in a city you designed yourself, in first person,…

Empire of Ember Closed Alpha now available

Please post in the Alpha Signups forum to request access. We will ask you to sign an online NDA. Upon signature, you will be given access to the private forum…